Good Reasons For Taking Your Child To A Year-Round Preschool

21 August 2019
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While there are a lot of fantastic reasons for putting your preschool-aged child in a traditional preschool, there are even more reasons to put your child in a year-round preschool. If you are considering a preschool program for your child, then here are some reasons to seriously think about placing them in a preschool with a program that goes all year long.

You will have reliable daycare

If you work and are looking for a preschool program to offer you a safe and educational program that coincides with your work schedule, then you would normally have to find another daycare program or babysitter to cover the months a traditional preschool would normally be closed. When you have your child enrolled in year-round preschool, you will know you have reliable daycare that allows you to make it to work consistently without last-minute daycare issues and without having problems during the summertime.

Your child will be in a familiar environment

When your child goes to the same environment year-round, they will go to preschool each day feeling secure. This will make it easier on both of you every weekday when you drop them off. When you have to switch providers after the preschool closes for the summer season, both you and your child will need to adjust to a brand-new environment. Not only can this make your child feel insecure when you drop them off, but you will also have to get over the worries that naturally come with taking your child somewhere new.

Your child will learn constantly

One of the wonderful things about preschool is that it offers children a safe and exciting learning environment that is structured and controlled by experienced individuals who know how to teach children of that age. When you take your child to a babysitter, they may spend the day playing, napping, and possibly even spending the day watching inappropriate things on the television. Also, they may not even be around many children, and this means they won't be learning important social skills. A year-round preschool allows your child to be taught important skills and other things that will help to prepare them for kindergarten.


With all of the great things that a preschool offers that is open all year long, it is easy to see why this can be the right choice for both yourself and your child. They will also be able to form friendships with other children that can lead to you having beneficial playdates with children they know well.